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Hey Everyone, and welcome to the very first module at New Founder School! Chances are that you are here because you are confused about a few business ideas or need more clarity around your one business idea. Or maybe, you’re just intrigued about entrepreneurship and want to see if it is for you! You have landed at the right spot! This lesson at New Founder School has three modules:

  1. Founder Fundamentals
  2. Founder Mindset
  3. Three frameworks to find a clear business idea.

Finish the three frameworks at the end of this lesson. You will get access to our FREE, yes, FREE, 12-week Idea School where I, Arjita Sethi, a serial entrepreneur from the last 18 years, will be taking you through validating your business idea with REAL potential customers and a low or no-tech prototype! Ready? Then let’s go.

Remember, if you have difficulty finishing the three frameworks, you can ping me for help in our discord channel here: .


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