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Shraddha Agrawal

Being part of New Founder School has made me realize the power of a community while building a startup.

Everything you need at every stage of business

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Free Lesson Library

With over 100 different lessons from a variety of subjects, all offered for free and facilitated by expert Faculty members.

Expert Faculty Members

They’re StartUp Founders, Entrepreneurs, and experts in their chosen field with years of knowledge to share.

Direct Accountability

Our community is filled with Entrepreneurs and Founders at every stage of business looking to connect, collaborate, and support.

Personalized Programs

To meet you at each stage of your entrepreneurship journey with personalized touches to support you in the best way possible.

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Our Personalized Programs

Our goal is to make sure every individual who joins our programs is fully supported during each stage and we recognize that that can look different for everyone and so we proudly have a mix of 1:1, group, and course support.

Take Advantage of Our Expertise

The NFS Business Growth Program

We will join you inside your business as your Fractional Co-Founder, Working with you 1:1 to help you progress toward your goals.

Our expertise and experience in starting and growing multiple businesses will be at your disposal.

By the end of this 6-month Business Growth Program, you will have achieved the next big milestone in your business.

Recommended for established entrepreneurs in the launch and growth stage of business.

Get Help Navigating The U.S. Visa System

The NFS Foreign Founders Clinic

This program is what I wished I had when I wanted to start my business but was told I’d have to wait 15 years because of my visa status.

My partner in this program Ann was my secret weapon then, and she will be yours now.

With us by your side, you will have everything you need and more to confidently pursue the correct path to entrepreneurship for your situation.

Recommended for individuals currently in the U.S. with a visa wanting to pursue entrepreneurship.

Idea ✓ ... What’s the next step?

Your ready to use our step-by-step frameworks, to validate your business idea in as little as 12 weeks so that you can start making money from your idea sooner rather than later.

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Self paced lessons

Why choose an MBA that costs you about $40K? If you are feeling stuck as a founder, go and choose from our lesson library and learn about the latest toolkits and frameworks that can help you accelerate your founder journey! The lessons are:

Our programs

No matter how you want to be part of startups or businesses, we want to support you! Whether you want personalized support or build your company at your own pace. Even if you want to get hired at a startup! We got you!!

Join the right program for your journey.

  • Personalized Cohort.

    Reach you next milestone in 6 months with 1:1 mentorship, Experts lectures and custom strategy.

  • Self Paced Cohort

    Launch your business idea at your pace with expert lectures and our lesson library for 6 months.

  • Startup Fellowships

    Get paid to work on startup projects. Receive mentorship by industry experts over 6 months.

Meet the Faculty

They didn’t just study business, they built businesses! So you don’t have to google endlessly to find the right network! We got you covered.


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