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Inside you’ll find three step-by-step modules that total less than an hour to help you develop your business idea and construct your business plan so that you are successful when you progress to validating your idea. All for free! Click here to start.


“It’s never going to be perfect, so don’t wait and get your hands dirty right away.” - Arjita

Have a business idea you can’t get out of your head?

One that gives you that heavy feeling in your gut that this could be your opportunity to leave your demanding job, your opportunity to build your future on your own terms.

There’s a reason for that feeling and I think you know it. 

You just need to know what to do now and you need it to be simple and to work.

An idea + our Step-by-step framework + an hour

= a business idea and plan to start your entrepreneurial journey

step-by-step framework

What you'll learn

Develop your business idea and construct your business plan so that when you move on to validating your idea it is successful and you’re able to validate with paying customers and or raise funding.

Module One: Founder Fundamentals

We'll help you define your users, where you plan to find them, and your business's profit-making plan.

This means you’ll be able to make a plan of action based on strategy, not guessing.

Module Two: Founder Mindset

Shares what you need to focus on internally to build and maintain a healthy mindset.

So that you can bypass the burnout and stress, and say goodbye to falling back on bad habits. Things that most entrepreneurs experience while starting their businesses.

Module Three: Clarity Frameworks

Learn how to articulate your idea, goals, and features of your idea. Analyze the market, find the right opportunity, and conduct market research.

With this you can confirm your place in the market and have everything you need to move on to validating your business idea.

What students are saying

“During the year that we worked together, she helped me evolve in so many ways as a founder and CEO.

She helped me define my responsibilities as a CEO, which allowed me to better lead, delegate, and prioritize.

Through her guidance, I was able to hire my first full-time managerial team, develop my maternity leave plan that included ensuring my team was properly prepared to handle my absence and still thrive, and most impactful, I was able to secure a 6-figure investment from a VC fund.

Arjita was (and still is) invested in both HerHeadquarters success and my personal success as a founder, a woman, a mom, and a wife. She has a been a force in my life and an ally I will forever be grateful for.”
Carina Glover
CEO HerHeadquarters
“Arjita was my startup mentor when I was at the idea phase of The Immigrant Academy. Her expertise as an Immigrant woman who built and scaled multiple startups is what drew me toward her.

Over a span of 12 months we created the strategy for building the right product-market fit and getting to a revenue stage.

Building an ed tech platform platform while balancing my 9 to 5 job was not easy if it weren't for Arjita's advise and guidance.

As a first time founder, she was pivotal in building the brand story and also helped me prepare for the first national pitch competition where I won from the South East region.

I highly recommend Arjita as a mentor and 100% vouch for the power of mentoring."
Anjali Nair
CEO The Immigrant Academy

Educator And Serial Entrepreneur​

Meet Arjita Sethi

I’m a serial entrepreneur determined to make education and entrepreneurship a more equitable place. I started my first startup at 16.

I’ve had the privilege to have impacted over 50.000 people across 40 countries and sits on the advisory board of The NASDAQ entrepreneurial center.

I teach entrepreneurship at Hult International Business School and San Francisco State University. Have received the Alien of Extraordinary ability visa in the US for my work in education and social entrepreneurship.

I’ve worked with Google’s Women tech makers to support women in technology across the continents. I’m a TEDx speaker and angel investor and have been featured on Forbes, Business Insider, Better India, and Economic Times.

I share all of this to say I have the qualifications to help you on your journey. Every Entrepreneur in the world started with an idea that flourished into a business and I’m here to help you do the same for free.

At New Founder School, I help founders with their launch strategy, user-driven marketing, business models, and getting funding ready.

I can’t wait to hear about your idea inside The NFS Idea Incubator.

It Will Never Be Perfect, So Start Now!


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