Curious about becoming an investor yourself?

Do you have one or many ideas that have the potential to become BIG businesses? Apply for this invite only program where we will teach you ALL and more in 12 weeks!

“It’s never going to be perfect so don’t wait and get your hands dirty right away.” - Arjita

Does this sounds like you...

An idea + A dreamer + A million small experiments

= A solution that can impact a million people

Stop just dreaming...

What if you got all the support to live that founder life, test your startup ideas and really put entrepreneurship frameworks to use.

Office hours with experts to get help with your specific questions.


LIVE hands-on lectures with expert faculty.

Self-paced lessons on business development, finance management, team building.

Access to epic founder community.

Did you know:

Every big idea started with just that, AN IDEA! Now, we know that it must be hard to believe that a simple idea can grow to reach a billion people but this is how the biggest companies started. Such a huge vision cannot start alone so at New Founder School give you all the support you need!

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It all starts with small steps

You must be thinking, what about the perfect time? An idea needs a lot of time and money! How can YOU start something meaningful without that? Right?

NO! The birth of a great idea starts with small steps and the right direction. What if we told you that our founder, Arjita Sethi, could help with both those things? After starting 4 successful startups, she has realised that so many dreamers don’t even take a chance on their ideas because they don’t get the right frameworks, the right training and the support. And she is offering just that. 

So while you are sitting and thinking in your office or in your class or in front of your screen, dreaming about an idea that makes your passionate or excited, give yourself a real chance and become from a Dreamer to a Founder in 12 weeks!

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Inside the program

A journey that covers frameworks, hands on experience & case studies, all in a community setting that will hold you accountable.

Phase 1

This will happen in the 2-day ideathon!

Module 1

Business Clarity

In the ocean of online shops, coaches and mentors, how do you find your differentiation? Who is your right user? What offerings do they really need? This is exactly what we will be covering in the first module

Module 2

Market Opportunity

Who is the right user for you? You have a special product and offering which means, you need to really target the right user! Using our frameworks, this is exactly what we will find out.

Module 3

Competitor Research

Who else is out there? What are they doing right and where are they missing the mark? This is key for any founder to understand so they can position themselves the right way.

Phase 2

Finish this level by finding clarity on your users.

Module 4

Building a customer pipeline

Who will use your product? Who will PAY for it? Most entrepreneurs become great innovators but to be a powerhouse of a CEO, you must get customers to PAY for your solution.

Module 5

Interview Users

How to talk to users? How to understand what value are they looking for? What feature should you build first? Let's walk you through the framework to do REAL user interviews.

Module 6

Prototype and test like a PRO

Instead of building the full product, first build an MVP. Test it out with a small group of people and then get feedback.

Phase 3

Beat these levels and build your startup roadmap!

Module 7

Business Models

What sets successful entrepreneurs apart? The fact that they understand the value of revenue and where they will make money from.

Module 8

Roadmap to success:

When to get your first hire? When to seek funding? When to launch a new feature? Planning and organization is KEY for solo or part time founders.

Module 9

Marketing and social media 101

How to find you first 100 paid users who LOVE your product?


Words from other Founders...

The next cohort of Small Business School will be Announced Soon! Save your spot:


Questions? Find your answers.

Solo founders or teams are welcome to join. All the team members will be able to attend the live sessions and will have an account on the platform that will give them access to the FULL program.

Each cohort will have 100 startups.

  • Live lectures on the weekend.
  • Monthly self-paced lessons.
  • Monthly workbooks to work on and submit to get personalized feedback from Experts.
  • Bi-Weekly office hours with experts.
  • Successful students get a FREE spot in the next cohort of Startup School.
  • Bi-Weekly office hours with experts to get help with your specific questions.
  • LIVE hands-on lectures with expert faculty.
  • Access to an epic founder community.
  • Signature self-paced lessons to create the right strategy for your business.
  • Comprehensive workbooks and feedback on your progress from experts.

Yes, you will have access to the entire cohort on the New Founder School platform. We know the founder journey is so lonely so we want you all to feel supported and nurtured.

NO! The program is absolutely FREE. However, continued access to the program is dependent on being a supportive community member to other founders, finishing deliverables on time and attending lectures. Failure to comply on any of these will result in removal from the program.  Apply now.

The idea school is for you if this sounds like you: 

  • I have so many ideas, how do I find clarity?
  • I have a full-time job, how do I find time to work on my ideas?
  • I don’t have the money, how do I build my big vision?
  • I want to see if the founder life is for me or not!

Of course, you can always contact us via our contact page.


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