Helping You Build your path To paid Users and get funding ready.

As an early-stage founder, you already have a great idea! So now you see yourself Googling the big question: “How do I actually launch my Startup successfully?’


“I could only do it because of the entrepreneurial mindset and putting early processes in place.” – Arjita

Answers to your burning questions

Now you can stop searching for answers to these questions on a search engine! AND get to actually work on setting the processes to streamline your business in REAL time! Together we will help answer your burning questions:

Let's Level up!

Let us tell you something candidly, IDEAS don’t get FUNDED! Startups with PAID users do!

What if you could learn all the frameworks, streamline your business, and start getting in paid users? Join Launch to Scale to learn from Arjita and Anshul!

Just landing on the idea and getting some interest is the starting point to something exciting, something that could be big. You’re halfway there! Now let’s get REAL and LEVEL UP! 


From validation to product-market fit

Our experts will take you from validation to product-market fit aka making sure your idea has the potential to generate revenue. Using our modules, you will be able to build a startup that gives a high-quality experience to your users, gets revenue, along a resilient team and start preparing to get funded!

Take the first step to get closer to your paid users...

Get into action with the 1 year Launch to Scale journey including:

Weekly office hours with experts to get help with your specific questions.


Biweekly LIVE wokshops.

Access to epic founder community.

Final demo day with Experts and Investors.

Signature self paced lessons to step by step launch your startup.

Weekly comprehensive workbooks and feedback on your work from experts.

45 Minute one-on-one strategy session with Arjita or Anshul.

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Questions answered

Inside the program

A journey that covers frameworks, hands on experience & case studies, all in a community setting that will hold you accountable.

Module 1

Cool Quotient VS Need Quotient

If you have found a few users loving your product, that is really COOL! But how do you get from just being COOL to something that everyone wants to have? Let’s build clarity on your value proposition and get your message in order.

Module 3

Building the dream team like a PRO

How many times have you tried to look for contractor, advisor, mentor templates? How many times have you asked, what is the best way to structure this business relationship?

Module 5

Build a User Retention Engine

How do you retain and engage users once you get them on-board? How to you get more and more referrals? How to build influencer relationships?

Module 2

Product Market Fit

How do you get from 100 to 10,000 users? The simple answer is with careful planning, making a strategy, and then implementing processes that work. Ads that are effective. Audience that brings referrals. So let’s just do that and forget the noise!

Module 4

Go To Market Strategy

What processes do you need to put in place to reach 100,000 or 10,000 paid users? How do you automate onboarding and improve the user experience?

Module 6

Branding and Getting Funding Ready

Now that you have paid users, revenue and a spectacular team, Let’s build the ULTIMATE branding to make some noise and get you Funding Ready.

Words from other Launchers

The next round of Launch to Scale program starts in February 2022!

Pre-Launch offer

Save $1000 when you apply before the 20th of July 2021: 

6 x $1150/month


$6000 full payment

Member Special

If you’re a member of New Founder School, you save $1200 when you apply before July 20th, 2021:

6 x $1050/month


$5800 full payment


Questions? Find your answers.

The next cohort begins February, 2022.  Apply now to make sure you’ll get a spot.

Solo founders or startups with teams are welcome to join. All the founders of a startups will be able to attend the live sessions and will have an account on the platform that will give them access to the FULL program. 

This cohort will have 25 startups.

  • Biweekly Live sessions on Sundays, 10 AM PDT to 11 AM PDT.
  • Biweekly self-paces lessons.
  • Weekly workbook to work on and submit to get Expert real time feedback.
  • One on One strategy session. 
  • Full access to New Founder School Acceleration pass for 1 FULL year.
  • Private founder channel to discuss and get help from your cohort.
  • The Last session of the Program is a demo day in front of investors, experts who will give you feedback.
  • 2 mentor/expert connections based on your idea, stage, and solution.
  • 24 online Live Workshops.
  • 24 self paced lessons.
  • 24 workbooks.
  • 1 one on one 45 minute Strategy Sessions Experts.
  • 1 FULL year access to New Founder School Acceleration pass.
  • 24 office hours to have continued support.
  • Final demo day with Experts and Investors.
  • A private community of founders.

Yes for 1 FULL year, you will have access to the entire cohort and community of New Founder School. We know the founder journey is so lonely so we want you all to feel supported and nurtured.

Yes! You can either pay in full or in 6 monthly installments. Apply here.

The launch to scale accelerator is for you if:

  • You have an early version of a product…
  • If you have a few people interested in it….
  • If you are tired of trying marketing ads that are NOT getting you any users!
  • You are a one person ARMY, trying to do it all and feeling overwhelmed….
  • You are constantly pitching your product and NOT getting paid conversions….
  • You are trying to hire your team or co-founder..
  • You want to get funding ready.

No, we can’t give any refunds.

Of course, you can always contact us via our contact page.


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