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Silicon Valley Founder, Angel Investor, Professor, TedX Speaker

Founder of New Founder School and helping you test, build and launch your ideas!

Read my latest substack on Founder Hour with Arjita: Hustle – Is it really necessary?

Built and grew my first startup at 16 in India.
Received Alien of extraordinary ability visa in US for my work in Social Entrepreneurship.
Also built Equally: A venture-backed metaverse that prepares the kids for future of work. Inspired by science fiction book called The Diamond Age. Our research happens in Finland and we believe school is where the child is. Became a semi finalist in the global learning XPRIZE, a $15M prize sponsored by Elon Musk.

Teaching Social Entrepreneurship, Business Ethics and innovation at San Francisco State University + Hult International Business School.

A generalist who studied physical therapy, improv, Shakespeare, theatre and Social Entrepreneurship.

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Business models, user interviews, pitch decks, investment preparations, user growth, pivots.

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