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Jarie is an engineer by training and an entrepreneur by nature with over 25 years of bringing innovative solutions to markets such as Bluetooth, USB, RFID, and Semiconductor DNA sequencing. He is currently a partner at JSY PR & Marketing, a full-service PR and Marketing Firm that helps tech startups tell better stories.

His most recent book is The Entrepreneurs Ethos: How to build a more ethical, inclusive, and resilient world. He’s also dedicated himself to inspiring and educating the next generation of entrepreneurs on his podcast, The Entrepreneur Ethos Podcast.

Prior to JSY PR & Marketing, he was the co-founder and COO of Lab Sensor Solutions, a digital health company that is applying sensor technology to track the temperature and location of clinical samples to prevent spoilage.

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PR, Marketing, Strategic Storytelling, SaaS, Raising Money, Technology Selection, Innovation Planning.

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Testing my new startup


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