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Codjia Risch


Hey everyone,

I am Marie-Claire aka MC, a veterinary medicine student (2 year). I am passionate about animals, books and games. I love adventure and love to try new things.

I am happy to be part of New Founder School and become a founder myself. Being an Entrepeneur is meant for me because I love being independent, I love to see how my efforts and hard work pay off.

But I also know that it won’t be easy – being free and independent also means a lot of restrictions, motivation and commitment at first place!!


My favourite quote:

“All roads that lead to success have to pass through hard work boulevard at some point” – Eric Thomas


Things said… have fun creating something magic and meaningful to you and the people around you. Do things that are comfortable for you so you won’t regret your life!!

I can help with...

Even tho I don’t have much technical skills I still can motivate and push you froward if you need to.

I am learning how to code so maybe that can help one day 😅

I need help with...

IT development, branding, designing later on. So everybody who can do more than just opening the basics is welcome ☺️


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