Dear, Small business owners, service providers, creators, and nonprofits….

Being a small business owner can be so lonely! You are everything, the CEO, the COO, the designer. But we want to make your journey EASY!!


“It’s never going to be perfect so don’t wait and get your hands dirty right away.” - Arjita

Most businesses and startups fail within the first year because...

Your expertise + NFS support + The right steps

= Your own revenue-generating business

Stop just dreaming...

Whether you just started your business or already have established your foundation, our programs offer a tailored entry point.

Office hours with experts to get help with your specific questions.


LIVE hands-on lectures with expert faculty.

Access to epic founder community.

Self-paced lessons on business development, finance management, team building.

Access to almost $1000/year marketing and business tools for FREE.

Annual 1-on-1 expert session to build a personalized roadmap for your business.

At New Founder School we want to give you space where:

At NFS we offer you an all-inclusive program with our online community of faculty, friends, and other awesome founders with big dreams. Your dreams are possible and with our expert faculty who are successful entrepreneurs! We will guide you at every step of the way, take the guess-work out, and finally offer you a roadmap to build your dreams, spend time wisely and see results.
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It all starts with small steps

The birth of a great idea starts with small steps and the right direction. What if we told you that New Founder School could help YOU with both those things? After building a few startups and helping other dreamers, we realized that so many dreamers don’t even take a chance on their ideas because they don’t get the right frameworks, the right training, and the support. And we are offering just that.  So while you are sitting in front of your screen right now, dreaming about owning a business that makes you passionate or excited, give yourself a real chance!
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Questions answered

Inside the program

A journey that covers frameworks, hands on experience & case studies, all in a community setting that will hold you accountable.

Month 1 to 3:

In the first round of modules we’ll work on the following things.

Module 1

Business Clarity

In the ocean of online shops, coaches and mentors, how do you find your differentiation? Who is your right user? What offerings do they really need? This is exactly what we will be covering in the first module

Module 2

Market Opportunity

Who is the right user for you? You have a special product and offering which means, you need to really target the right user! Using our frameworks, this is exactly what we will find out.

Module 3

Competitor Research

Who else is out there? What are they doing right and where are they missing the mark? This is key for any founder to understand so they can position themselves the right way.

Month 4 to 9

In the second round of modules we’ll work on the following things.

Module 4

Product and Development

Who will build your website? Who will build your logo? Who will create your privacy policy and terms and conditions? Look no further! We will match you with the right, trustable resources so you don't have to go out there on your own!

Module 5

Build a digital marketing strategy

Social media can be overwhelming. Running into a content treadmill will leave you tired and looking for returns. And then to add things like email marketing, SEO, blogs and so much more. How to make sense and systems for an effective digital marketing strategy? We will take you step-by-step.

Module 6

Building a customer pipeline

What comes before paid users? A pipeline of potential users! How to build a pipeline of leads so you can start generating revenue the day you launch? There is a method to this madness and we will help you build a step-by-step system.

Month 10 to 12

In the thrid round of modules we’ll work on the following things.

Module 7

Paid user acquisition

Now you have an online platform ready! Your offering is ready? How do we reach out to users, convert paid leads and get to start working with them? This module will specifically focus on that.

Module 8

Branding as a founder

Yey!!! Revenue has started pouring in! Now it is time to work on your personal branding! So you can land more collaborations, paid partnerships, and even speaking engagements to build credibility and more income sources for your business.

Module 9

Next 12-month Roadmap

This module will take you through road-mapping frameworks that help you create milestones and consistent progress in your business. How do you now create a budget? How to use this revenue to scale your business? We will walk you through financial modeling and methods to allocate your budget to scale


Words from other Founders...

The next cohort of Small Business School starts in October 30th, 2021! Save a spot.

Early Bird offer

Save $600 when you apply before the 20th of September 2021. NOW CLOSED.

12 x $250/month


$2500 full payment

General pricing

From 20th of September to October 20th, 2021.

6 x $500/month


$2500 full payment


Questions? Find your answers.

October 30th, 2021.

Solo founders or teams are welcome to join. All the team members will be able to attend the live sessions and will have an account on the platform that will give them access to the FULL program.

Each cohort will have 50 startups.

  • 9 am to 12pm PDT, LIVE lectures, Last weekend of every month
  • Bi-Monthly self-paced lessons.
  • Bi-Monthly workbooks to work on and submit to get personalized feedback from Experts.
  • Quarterly, One on One strategy sessions to build your startup roadmap.
  • Twice a Week office hours with experts.
  • The Last session of the Program is a demo day in front of investors, experts who will give you feedback.
  • Twice a week, office hours with experts to get help with your specific questions.
  • 24 LIVE hands-on lectures with expert faculty.
  • Access to an epic founder community.
  • Signature 24 self-paced lessons to create the right strategy for your business.
  • 24 comprehensive workbooks and feedback on your progress from experts.
  • 30 Minute 1-on-1 expert session every quarter to give you a personalized strategy on your business.
  • Free membership to content creation and scheduling platform which usually costs $540/year.

Yes, you will have access to the entire cohort on the New Founder School platform. We know the founder journey is so lonely so we want you all to feel supported and nurtured.

Yes! You can either pay in full or in 12 monthly installments. Apply now.

The small business school is for you if this sounds like you: 

  • I dream of working in cool locations like BALI or Italy with my laptop and business
  • I am tired of working for someone else dream and being afraid to take the first step
  • I don’t want to feel alone while building my side hustle.

No, we can’t give any refunds. But if this cohort timings don’t work then send us an email on help@newfounderschool and we will try to get oyu a spot in the next cohort. 

Of course, you can always contact us via our contact page.


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