Do You Have A Dream Startup Idea In YOU! Let’s Validate it, Test it and launch It.

Get ready to have all your questions answered, identify your uniqueness, hang out with renowned experts in your field, and growing your startup every week with a tailored program that addresses YOUR unique needs and dreams.


“I could only do it because of the entrepreneurial mindset and putting early processes in place.” – Arjita

Does This Sound Like You?

How many times have you felt that…

Stop Just Dreaming...

Get Into Action With this 2-year program focused on launching your startup with a valid prototype and paid users!

This program will walk you through the “proven methods” for founders, that have helped over 300 founders in testing and validating their dream ideas.

From validation to Users to Revenue to Growth...

Our faculty, resource and toolkits will take you from validation to product-market fit aka making sure your idea has the startup potential. Using our modules, you will be able to build a startup that gives a high-quality experience to your users, gets revenue, along a resilient team and start preparing to get funded!

Get Into Action With this 2-year program focused on launching your startup with a valid prototype and paid users!

With just 5 hours a week, this startup school will give you:

Office hours with experts to ask specific questions.


Lectures with successful founders and investors.

Access to epic founder community.

FREE access to over $2000 worth startup tools.

Latest toolkits and resources for the startups of TODAY!

Final demo day with Experts and Investors.

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Questions answered

Inside the program

A journey that covers frameworks, hands on experience & case studies, all in a community setting that will hold you accountable.

Month 1 to 6

Each phase is 2-month long. 

Phase 1

Idea validation
Can your idea stand the REALITY test and how big can this vision get? In 2 months, we will have brainstorm exercises and a validation process to get you to a clear idea statement.

Phase 2

Market Opportunity

Can this idea become a million people idea someday? During these 2 months, we will go through process of understanding how big this idea can get. Expect lots of frameworks, articles to read and coffee sessions with industry experts.

Phase 3

Competitor Research

Let’s build strong research of the competitor landscape so you are not taken by surprise while pursuing this idea. Expect talking to potential users, making a clear unique value proposition and understanding your industry like an expert.

Month 7 to 15

Each phase is 3-month long. 

Phase 4

Connect with Tech teams

Building hardware, software, app, website and don't have a team. We get it! This phase will focus on getting you matched with the right tech team to build your prototype.

Phase 5

Build and Test the prototype.

Build your landing page, your app prototype or your hardware MVP! Let’s actually build a product. Helping you create a product spec, communication strategy with the tech team.

Phase 6

Building user pipeline

While your product is being built, we need to create a user pipeline so you already have validation before a beta launch. These 3 months will focus on user interviews, building waitlist and building a business model.

Month 16 to 24

Each phase is 3-month long. 

Phase 7

Branding and Marketing

Now that the product is ready, let’s build your branding assets, your logo, your social with a strong digital presence. The next 3 months are all about go-to-market preparation.

Phase 8

Getting early validation with early adopters.

Focus on paid users, letter of interests and preparation for crowdfunding campaigns.

Phase 9

Funding preparation

Now that we have early product market fit, let’s learn everything about funding sources, equity shares and types of fundraising.


Words from other Startup School Graduates...

The next round of Startup School starts in January 2022!

Early bird offer

Save $1200 when you apply before the 20th of November 2021: 

12 x $500/month


$5500 full payment

General RPicing

Pricing from November 21st, 2021 to January 15th, 2022.

6 x $1000/month


$5500 full payment


Questions? Find your answers.

The next cohort begins January, 2022.  Apply now to make sure you’ll get a spot.

Solo founders or startups with teams are welcome to join. All the founders of a startups will be able to attend the live sessions and will have an account on the platform that will give them access to the FULL program. 

This cohort will have 25 startups.

  • 9 am to 12pm PDT, LIVE lectures, Last weekend of every month
  • Bi-Monthly self-paced lessons.
  • Bi-Monthly workbooks to work on and submit to get personalized feedback from Experts.
  • Quarterly, One on One strategy sessions to build your startup roadmap.
  • Twice a Week office hours with experts.
  • The Last session of the Program is a demo day in front of investors, experts who will give you feedback.
  • 48 online Live Workshops.
  • 48 self paced lessons.
  • 24 workbooks.
  • Quarterly one on one expert sessions.
  • Regular office hours to have continued support.
  • Over $2000 worth startup tools.
  • Final demo day with Experts and Investors.
  • A private community of founders.

Yes for 1 FULL year, you will have access to the entire cohort and community of New Founder School. We know the founder journey is so lonely so we want you all to feel supported and nurtured.

Yes! You can either pay in full or in 24 monthly installments. Apply here.

The startup school is for you if this sounds like you:

  • You find yourself lost between all your startup ideas and dreams 
  • You have a full-time job and can’t find enough time to work on your startup  
  • You procrastinate building your vision because you worry it will cost too much money
  • You have already started working on an idea but need help to find a product-market fit!
  • You are bored with your college education and want something practical, not just theory!!
  • You want someone to believe in your idea and show you how to make it happen

No, we can’t give any refunds. But if you do want to join the next cohort send us an email at .

Of course, you can always contact us via our contact page.


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