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  • How to Choose the right mentor for your startup or business?

    Posted by Arjita on September 16, 2022 at 11:00 AM

    As an early-stage founder, you will be getting a LOT of advice. And here are a few things to consider while choosing which one is most useful for you:

    1. Mentors are guides NOT your co-founders. So you choose the best next step for your business.

    2. Mentors are great sounding boards but they are not your key STAKEHOLDERS! Your key stakeholder is your customer, your early employees, and investors. See what they need first.

    3. The right mentor is like a guiding star that you can just not do without! So wait till you find the right one and don’t settle for just anyone. You will feel it in the way you connect, the way they communicate, and the way they support you, especially on those dark days!

    4. If you get conflicting advice from 2 mentors, choose the one that you feel most aligned with. This is tricky because you need to take out your bias and see if it really is good for your business or just feeding your personal wants. And also ask yourself, are you doing this to grow your vision or please this person?

    And remember! Ask me any follow up on this thread about mentorship or if you have any experiences that worked!

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