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  • Which problem to solve for my users when they give multiple plroblems

    Posted by Arjita on October 21, 2022 at 11:04 AM

    As an early-stage founder, you will always be in this confused state especially after doing initial user interviews. They will give you so many insights that you may feel overwhelmed and need clarity on which problem to solve first. A founder at New founder School asked me just this, a few weeks ago. so here is one way to look at this issue if you are a founder in the same boat.

    So you have an idea and some assumptions? And, to validate them you go to the potential user and beneficiaries and ask questions. If you want to learn more about the user interview phase then go to this lesson at New Founder School: https://newfounderschool.com/courses/interviewing-converting-users/

    Now that you have spoken to a few potential users. You realize they have a lot of insights into their problems. Which one do you tackle first? Here are a few things to consider:

    1. Which problem do you have the skill to build for?

    2. What product or service can you build fast and with fewer resources to test out the viability?

    After the user interviews, it is essential and critical that you sit down and map out the responses to these 2 questions. Then and only then start thinking about what to offer or build first.

    Interviewing and converting users

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