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Shraddha Agrawal

Being part of New Founder School has made me realize the power of a community while building a startup.

Our programs

No matter where you are on your journey, we have the right program for you to take the next step. We are here to support aspiring founders and investors step-by-step!

Join the right program for your journey.

  • Ideathon

    Find a clear startup/business idea in 48 hours.

  • Idea school

    12 weeks to validate your startup/business idea with real users and an MVP.

  • Startup School

    Launch your startup/business and reach product market fit in 9 months.

We don’t do things the boring way

here you spend time learning what really matters for your startup

Lectures with experienced founders

Learn from people who have been there and done that!

Office hours to get answers in real time

Entrepreneurship happens real time so use this helpline to ask any question right away.

Power-packed library of lessons

Stuck with go to market strategy or creating pitch deck? Take a self paced lessons to uplevel!

Peer Network

Why do it ALL by yourself? Get a community of founders just like you that support and cheer you on.

Demo Day in front of experts

Get candid feedback and learn before you get in front of investors to raise money.

accountability to show-up for your startup

Join us for monthly accountability workshop where we WILL keep you on track!

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Self paced lessons

Why choose an MBA that costs you about $40K? If you are feeling stuck as a founder, go and choose from our lesson library and learn about the latest toolkits and frameworks that can help you accelerate your founder journey! The lessons are:

Meet the Faculty

They didn’t just study business, they built businesses! So you don’t have google endlessly to find the right network! We got you covered.

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