We help aspiring Entrepreneurs like you

Navigate the U.S. visa system* and overcome the roadblocks standing in the way of creating the businesses of your dreams.

At the beginning of my entrepreneurship journey, I was told I had to wait at least 15 years to get my green card and pursue my dream.

I was privileged enough to have the resources to find a fantastic legal attorney who helped me and made my entrepreneurial dream come true. Her name is Ann Cun.

She is an immigrant refugee herself, and NOW I want every immigrant aspiring to be a founder to get her support and be able to build their dream business.

This is why we have partnered to create The Foreign Founder Clinic: Welcome.


Stop just dreaming...

The Foreign Founders clinic

This program is for those who wish to pursue their dreams of entrepreneurship but have no idea where to start, have been told it is impossible without waiting, and need a community to support and show them the way. Inside you will find…

Accurate resources, modules, and instructions for each step of your journey so that you always know what comes next.


A network of entrepreneurs who can support and inspire you during your journey. Quick starting the process of building a successful network.

Access to new modules and monthly live roundtable sessions to help you start taking action immediately.

“All I want is a chance to show what I can do. To share something that can make a difference. To bring my idea to fruition.”

Entrepreneurship is not the path most traveled.

If you want to become an Entrepreneur, chances are you have an idea that you are incredibly passionate about. An idea that you believe should be shared with the world.

And we agree.

You should have the opportunity to follow your dreams and pursue your business. You should have access to resources and support from experts who have gone through the process and been fortunate enough to come out the other end with the opportunity to start a successful business.

When I started New Founder School, I decided we would be dedicated to…

And Foreign Founders Clinic is the perfect example of our dedication.

This program is what I wished I had when I wanted to start my business but was told I’d have to wait 15 years because of my visa status. Ann was my secret weapon then, and she will be yours now.

With Ann, myself, and team NFS by your side, you will have everything you need and more to confidently pursue the correct path to entrepreneurship for your situation.

Continue reading for a sneak peek inside the program.

Here’s what you can expect inside

As soon as you join, you’ll get access to the modules below and monthly round table events where Ann and I will be available to answer your questions to help you start taking action immediately.

Module 1

US Visas for Foreign Founders

Understanding the visa options out there and which is the BEST FIT for your situation is the first hurdle you must overcome.

Unfortunately, most of the information out there is confusing and overwhelming.

In this module, we share exactly what you need to know, no more, no less, so you can pursue the correct visa for your situation.

Module 3

Preparing for the H-1B Visa

This is one of the LEAST straightforward challenges you'll have to work through during your journey to entrepreneurship because you're only permitted to operate your business in a limited scope. Otherwise, you can lose your status.

This module exists so you can have all the facts and resources you need when you reach this stage.

Module 5

US Green Card for Entrepreneurs - the Basics

Like obtaining your visa, obtaining your green card as an immigrant founder can be challenging and confusing.

Therefore this module is dedicated to helping you understand the steps leading up to obtaining your green card so that you are fully prepared for the process.

Module 2

Immigration vs. Business Challenges

Understanding what resources and support you need BEFORE a challenge arises is only possible if an expert tells you what's ahead.

An expert who has been through the immigration process and started a business.

This module is just that. We share the resources and support you will need so that you're prepared when challenges arise.

Module 4

Understanding the Foundations for O-1

You want to start a business in the U.S. because there is OPPORTUNITY. In this module, we share the process and requirements for preparing to obtain an O1 or proving your extraordinary abilities and achievements.

If you felt a smidge of self-doubt just now. That's normal, but I can all but guarantee there is something extraordinary about you.

Module 6

Real-Life Inspirational Stories

Having a network of individuals who have been in your shoes and powered through to build the business of their dreams is crucial.

In this module, you will hear from those individuals so that you can learn from their stories and individual challenges and even get a dose of inspiration.

About The Faculty of
The Foreign Founders Clinic


Arjita Sethi

Arjita is a serial entrepreneur determined to make education and entrepreneurship a more equitable place. She started her first startup at 16.

She has impacted over 50.000 people across 40 countries and sits on the advisory board of The NASDAQ entrepreneurial center. She teaches entrepreneurship at Hult International Business School and San Francisco State University. She received her Alien of Extraordinary Ability visa in the US for her work in education and social entrepreneurship.

She has worked with Google’s Women tech makers to support women in technology across the continents. She is a TEDx speaker and angel investor and has been featured on Forbes, Business Insider, Better India, and Economic Times.

Ann Cun

Ann Cun has been practicing immigration law since 2008. She is a graduate of UCLA and UC Hastings.

She manages Accel Visa Attorneys, PC, a boutique US immigration law firm advising startups and small and medium-sized companies in the hardware, software, fintech, medical and scientific arenas.

Her expertise is in O-1, EB-1, NIW, and helping companies develop efficient yet robust immigration policies and procedures to hire the best and brightest.

Ann Cun 2020

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In order to maintain the self-paced nature of this program, we do not offer this. However, you will be able to join us live (virtual or in-person) during our monthly calls, and you will have access to a discord channel dedicated to individuals within this program so that you can get all of your questions answered.

No, you do not need to hire a lawyer to go through this program. In fact, these modules will help recognize when it is the right time to hire one.

Visa Types: F1, F2, J1, J2, H1B, H4, OPT, CPT, EAD, EB2, EB1, L1, L2

For those who join at the discounted founding member rate, you will receive access to our community immediately. And then you will get access to all sessions live according to the above mentioned schedule. 

Nothing should stand in the way of you pursuing your dreams including democratized entrepreneurship.

* Disclaimer: this is NOT official legal advice. This program is about sharing our own experience and knowledge to help you achieve your dreams like we did.


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