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Common Misconceptions on Immigrant Entrepreneurship by Ann Cun

Common Misconceptions of Immigrant Founders by Ann Cun. About the writer: Ann has been practicing immigration law since 2008. She is a graduate of UCLA and UC Hastings.  She manages Accel Visa Attorneys, PC, a boutique US immigration law firm advising startups, small and medium sized companies in the hardware, software, fintech, medical and scientific arenas.  Her expertise is in O-1, EB-1, NIW and helping companies develop efficient yet robust immigration policies and procedures to hire the best and brightest. I am a refugee immigrant.  Here is her immigrant story, told in her own words… I came from Vietnam, but

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7 Questions to Vet Immigration Attorneys 

By Ann K. Cunn, Managing Attorney for Accel Visa Attorneys, PC  Board Member of New Founder School  Foreign founders have a unique challenge when it comes to entrepreneurship in the U.S. In addition to navigating the traditional challenges of starting a company: firming up ideation, executing a proof-of-concept, raising funds, going-to-market; foreign founders must first secure valid work authorization in the U.S. One false step could prove problematic downstream. Sometimes asking the right questions for immigration attorneys is the first step. Where to start in procuring a work visa? Time is of the essence and spending hours on Google researching immigration

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10 accelerators to apply as an early stage founder

If you are an aspiring founder, it can be difficult to figure out which accelerators are best for you. You might be thinking which ones are better? Who has the most success? Which ones should I go for first? We’ve done all of the research for you. Here is a list of our top 10 accelerators for early-stage Founders: Techstars – An American seed accelerator founded in 2006 in Boulder, Colorado. As of 2019, the company had accepted over 1,600 companies into its programs with a combined market capitalization of $18.2bn USD. Antler – Antler funds startups from Pre-seed and

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20 aspiring quotes to give you the motivation to work on your startup

If you are an aspiring founder, chances are you have found yourself in need of inspiration. You may have asked yourself where do I go for inspiration? Or who should I look for inspiration? Well, our answer is to join New Founder School for FREE here OR you can start out with these 20 quotes: “When in doubt, bootstrap. Using your own personal resources is the easiest way to start a business. You don’t have to convince investors about the merits of your idea. You just have to convince yourself.” – Ryan Holmes “You have to get good at ceding control

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20 accounts to follow on Instagram if you are an aspiring founder

If you are an aspiring founder, chances are you heard a motivational story or found a problem to solve. So now you’re thinking wait, how should I get started? Who should I look for inspiration? Where should I get answers to basic questions? Well, our answer is to join New Founder School for FREE here. OR Just follow these 20 Instagram accounts: **New Founder School:** We are going to start off this list with our own account. Why? Because we share tips with you, New Founders, in mind! Arjita Sethi: Arjita is a serial entrepreneur determined to make education and

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Three Steps To Find a Clear Startup Idea

About our Faculty: Arjita is a harry potter fan & a serial entrepreneur determined to make education and entrepreneurship a more equitable place. She started her first startup at 16. She has impacted over 50.000 people across 40 countries, sits on the advisory board of The NASDAQ entrepreneurial center. She teaches entrepreneurship at Hult International Business School and San Francisco State University. She received her Alien of Extraordinary ability visa in the US for her work in education and social entrepreneurship.  She built New Founder School, to help founders with their validating their idea and launching their startups. Feel free

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