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We don’t just teach business, we show you how to build one!

Without having to go through years of boring assignments, thousands of dollars spent and zero clue on how to actually apply the 'Biz school' education in real life

Founded in 2020 amidst a global pandemic, New Founder School was built with one goal: To unite founders in a collaborative spirit and provide the best tools on the market for aspiring founders and seasoned founders to actually build their billion people impact. Without having to go through years of trial and error.

No More Endless Googling

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Get the best tips and tricks for finding your users.

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Share your progress and get your answer from our experts.

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Our experts are entrepreneurs, investors and mentors who want to support.

We like to think, we found the secret way to make startups happen…

Our experts are all founders that have been through these things. That’s why we’ve created a better way for you!

“There is an abundance of problems to be solved but the scarcity of passionate founders to execute solutions. We want to support these rare people.”

Meet the Faculty

They didn’t just study business, they built businesses! So you don’t have google endlessly to find the right network! We got you covered.

Serial Entrepreneurs

Meet The Founders that have been through it all


New Founder School is founded by Arjita Sethi and Anshul Dhawan, a husband and wife team. They have previously built Equally, a Venture Backed, Augmented Reality Ed-tech company that went on to become one of the 11 semi finalists for the Global Learning XPrize, a $15M prize sponsored by Elon Musk.

They have together launched 3 products that have reached over 20,000 kids in 12 countries. They have failed, built, raised money and seen 100s of rejections.

They have powered through that immigrant life to build a dream startup holistically. And this is the mission they have at New Founder School too. 

Meet Anshul Dhawan

Product and Technology leader

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Anshul is currently the VP of Growth and Product at Supernatural. Supernatural was chosen as one of Time Magazine’s inventions of the Year and won Fast Company’s 2020 “Innovation by Design” award. It’s the world’s first fitness service in VR (virtual reality).

He was previously product leader at Glu Mobile, Acquired by Electronic Arts and Zynga.

He is a product, data, technology expert, and big cricket fan who loves to play FIFA on his Xbox. He has been in the gaming industry for 10+ years while working on games like Words with Friends, Covet Fashion, Farmville, and Poker. He believes that the next generation will solve most of the problems with exponential technologies like Artificial Intelligence & Augmented Reality.

At New Founder School he is supporting founders with product launch, user retention and building effective technology teams.

Meet Arjita Sethi

Educator and Serial Entrepreneur


Arjita is a harry potter fan & a serial entrepreneur determined to make education and entrepreneurship a more equitable place. She started her first startup at 16. She has impacted over 50.000 people across 40 countries, sits on the advisory board of The NASDAQ entrepreneurial center. She teaches entrepreneurship at Hult International Business School and San Francisco State University. She received her Alien of Extraordinary ability visa in the US for her work in education and social entrepreneurship. 

She has worked with Google’s Women techmakers to support women in technology across the continents. She is a tedX speaker, angel investor, and has been featured on Forbes, Business Insider, Better India, Economic Times.

She writes about holistic entrepreneurship and educational pedagogy on her Substack called: Founder Hours with Arjita.

At New Founder School, Arjita helps founders with their launch strategy, user driven marketing, business models and getting funding ready.

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We believe innovation is inclusive


We believe you shouldn’t spend crazy $$ to learn business

We believe you should learn business from people that built one

We believe in borderless remote learning

We believe in building what the world needs

We believe in slow and steady: It is a marathon, not a sprint

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