10 accelerators to apply as an early stage founder

If you are an aspiring founder, it can be difficult to figure out which accelerators are best for you. You might be thinking which ones are better? Who has the most success? Which ones should I go for first? We’ve done all of the research for you. Here is a list of our top 10 accelerators for early-stage Founders:

  1. Techstars – An American seed accelerator founded in 2006 in Boulder, Colorado. As of 2019, the company had accepted over 1,600 companies into its programs with a combined market capitalization of $18.2bn USD.
  2. Antler – Antler funds startups from Pre-seed and aim to be a partner throughout the journey to an exit or IPO.
  3. Echoing Green – Through Fellowships and other innovative leadership initiatives, Echoing Green spots emerging leaders and invests deeply in their success to accelerate their impact by providing seed-funding and leadership development to Founders.
  4. Socap – SOCAP offers a variety of targeted, relevant on-demand online courses to help you grow your career as a customer care professional.
  5. Katapult – Katapult is a free application launcher for the TDE desktop environment. It allows the user to quickly launch applications or open files by pressing Alt + space and typing the beginning of the file or application name. It also doubles as a quick calculator, spell checker, document viewer and more.
  6. Y Combinator – Y Combinator provides a small amount of seed funding for startups. They work with startups on their ideas and help founders deal with investors and acquirers.
  7. 500 startups – 500 Startups is an early-stage venture fund and seed accelerator founded in 2010 by Dave McClure and Christine Tsai.
  8. Boost VC – Boost VC is a group of founders making Sci-Fi a Reality. They invest around $500K in startups each per year.
  9. Alchemist Accelerator – The Alchemist Accelerator is a venture-backed accelerator focused on accelerating the development of seed-stage ventures that monetize from enterprises.
  10. Mass Challenge – MassChallenge is a zero-equity startup accelerator, as of 2021, MassChallenge has accelerated more than 2,928 startups that have raised more than $8.6 billion in funding.

We hope you found this list useful in your accelerator search. If you are ready to start building your startup, join the next New Founder School Ideathon to get started on your startup idea. The Ideathon is a 2-day workshop where you find a clear startup idea to work on for FREE. If you finish the Ideathon deliverables then you also get a chance to be a part of our 12-week Idea School.

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