If you are an aspiring founder, chances are you heard a motivational story or found a problem to solve. So now you’re thinking wait, how should I get started? Where should I as a founder find inspiration? Where should I get answers to basic questions? Well, our answer is to join New Founder School for FREE here OR Just follow these 15 Twitter accounts:

  1. Elizabeth Yin: Elizabeth Yin is the general partner at Hustle Fund. She is a former startup founder who now writes about Democratizing wealth via entrepreneurship.
  2. Arlan Hamilton: Arlan is the founder of Backstage Capital and HireRunner. She also is an author, her book is “It’s About Damn Time” and host of “Your First Million”.
  3. Naval Ravikanth: Founder of Angellist and the person behind The almanack of Happiness and Wealth.
  4. VC Congratulating Themselves: VC Congratulating Themselves retweets Venture Capitalists’ tweets celebrating what they have done or what they are working on. They also share jokes and memes that people who are interested in VCs might enjoy.
  5. Jesse Pujji: Jesse writes about D2C startups and growth. He is the Founder and CEO of Gateway X and also co-founded Ampush.
  6. Gary Vaynerchuck: Gary Vaynerchuk is a serial entrepreneur who is a Chairman of VayberX and the CEO of VaynerMedia and VeeFriends. “GaryVee” is known as one of the most forward thinkers in the business world. He often recognizes trends and patterns early and then helps others understand the impact and how to leverage it.
  7. Janis Ozolins: Talks about the power of visually sharing your ideas that amplify them.
  8. Maxeme: Founder of Caribu. Maxeme talks about crowd equity and crowdfunding extensively.
  9. Kai-Fu Lee: If you are interested in AI and have been a fan of AI superpowers then no surprise, follow Kai-Fu Lee.
  10. Yam: Yam is the Founder and Artist of World of Women NFT which is one of the most popular NFT projects out there right now.
  11. Ali Moiz: Ali is the Founder of Stonks which focuses on democratizing access to fundraising for startups.
  12. Hemant Taneja: Hemant is a serial entrepreneur who invests in technology businesses. He also is the author of the books “Intended Consequences: How to Build Market-Leading Companies with Responsible Innovation” and “Unscaled”.
  13. Eric Ries: Eric is an entrepreneur, blogger, and author of two books “The Lean Startup” and “The Startup Way”. His ultimate goal is to change how startups are built.
  14. Lolita Taub: Lolita talks about Creating generational wealth in community. She is a general partner at Ganas Venture.
  15. Alexis Ohanian: Alexis is an internet entrepreneur and investor. He is the co-founder and executive chairman of Reddit.

We hope that you find inspiration within these Twitter accounts and through these Founders. If you are ready to start building your startup, join the next New Founder School Ideathon for FREE to get started on your startup idea. The Ideathon is a 2-day workshop where you find a clear startup idea to work on for FREE. If you finish the Ideathon deliverables then you also get a chance to be a part of our 12-week Idea School.


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