• 3 Modules

    Building an MVP

    Building MVP is such an essential step for every startup founder if you are looking for
    1. Validation of your product.
    2. Clarity of your idea.
    3. Connection with your customer.
    In this lesson, Anshul will take you briefly on how you can get your MVPs started, and don't miss the reading that he shares. So what are waiting for? Get started now.
  • 3 Modules

    Network like a pro in 3 steps

    Your network is your networth! As a founder, we always have to look for investors, co-founders, advisors, customers and employees and that is why learning about networking the right way is essential! In this course we will cover:
    1. Finding the right event,
    2. Finding the right people.
    3. Effective follow-up techniques.
    After the course, use the steps to start creating your network! See you there dreamer!


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