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    6 steps to find out the right Company-Structure for your idea.

    What type of company should you create? For-profit or non-profit? Limited liability of a corporation? These are the questions that we will tackle in this course. In this course we will cover:
    1. Types of companies.
    2. Clarity for your company structure.
    3. Tools to create the right company structure.
    After the course, take some time to go through the resources and see what is the right path for your idea. See you there dreamer!
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    How to perfect the customer journey

    This lesson by Anshul will tell you how to create a user journey that starts from someone seeing your offering to actually using and then finally recommending it. Different steps covered in this lesson are:
    1. Awareness
    2. Consideration
    3. Decision
    4. Retention
    5. Advocacy
    After the lesson, you will be able to craft what each stage could look like for your specific idea. See you in the lesson!
  • 2 Modules

    How to use Clubhouse to Grow your business?

    Clubhouse, the audio social network is becoming a place to be if you are a small business or startup founder. Let's take you step by step in this workshop on how you can leverage Clubhouse for your business to grow.
  • 3 Modules

    Interviewing and converting users.

    How do you build a user pipeline this early in your startup journey? Did you know talking to users gets you validation and confidence to actually go full swing! So let's us tell you how to interview and chat with your users. In this course we will cover:
    1. Defining user personas.
    2. Channels to find your customers.
    3. Doing User Interviews.
    4. Creating interview scripts.
    After the course, use the templates to start talking to your potential users. See you there dreamer!
  • 3 Modules

    Network like a pro in 3 steps

    Your network is your networth! As a founder, we always have to look for investors, co-founders, advisors, customers and employees and that is why learning about networking the right way is essential! In this course we will cover:
    1. Finding the right event,
    2. Finding the right people.
    3. Effective follow-up techniques.
    After the course, use the steps to start creating your network! See you there dreamer!
  • 3 Modules

    Perfect your Idea’s online messaging in 7 steps.

    Social media is essential these days to get any traction with your brand or potential customers. So how can entrepreneurs leverage social media effectively to grow their idea, business, and revenue? Remember, a startup's social media is different than a blogger's social media. In this course we will cover:
    1. How to share your idea online?
    2. How to use authentic voice to get the right users?
    3. How to NOT run on the CONTENT TREADMILL and get overwhelmed?
    After the course, use the steps to start building your startup's social media effectively and smartly. See you there dreamer!
  • 3 Modules

    SEO 101 for your startup!

    What is SEO? How can it help your startup's growth? And why should every early-stage founder care about it? These are just some of the questions we will tackle in this course. In this course we will cover:
    1. What is SEO and how to plan for it?
    2. Step by step strategies that you can implement in your Startup's journey.
    3. Tools to use for SEO.
    After the course, use these strategies to get your SEO journey started. Remember it is never too early to think about SEO as a founder! See you there dreamer!
  • 3 Modules

    Social Media for Startup Growth with Coach Nupur Singh.

    Which channel to choose? How to create a growth strategy on social media? How to calm the overwhelm? How to do social media as an introvert founder? Coach Nupur Sing answers all your questions.
  • 1 Module

    Storytelling for startup + Sales pitch with Jarie Bolander

    What makes some pitches stand out? what do Nike and Peloton do really well? They all have a story spine! What is a story spine? How to build it? How to use it to convert more paid users? Get investors for your round? Take this 2-hour lesson by Jarie Bolander.
  • 2 Modules

    What is a product-market fit for startups? With Arjita

    Who is really your user? Who should you focus on? How to find the right fit? This 30 minute lesson and workbook will cover it all and ask any follow up questions from Arjita during the office hour after you do this lesson to get more clarity!


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