• 3 Modules

    3 steps to find a clear startup idea.

    What is the first step to building your world-changing startup? Finding the right idea! So let's get to the basics how you can find that great startup IDEA! In this course we will cover:
    1. Idea, Goal, Features: What does it REALLY mean?

    2. Competitive Landscapes: Finding who is out there already?

    3. Market Analysis and finding the right opportunity.
    After the course, get down to doing research and then come to your world-changing startup idea. See you there dreamer!
  • 3 Modules

    6 steps to find out the right Company-Structure for your idea.

    What type of company should you create? For-profit or non-profit? Limited liability of a corporation? These are the questions that we will tackle in this course. In this course we will cover:
    1. Types of companies.
    2. Clarity for your company structure.
    3. Tools to create the right company structure.
    After the course, take some time to go through the resources and see what is the right path for your idea. See you there dreamer!
  • 3 Modules

    7+ methods to raise your first funding round.

    Raising Funding is often the most searched phrase by any startup founder! So let's get to the 7+ ways that you can use to raise your first round of funding. Ready? In this course we will cover:
    1. Types of Funding.
    2. Fundraising Tools.
    3. Create your Investment Folder.
    After the course, research more about these methods and see which is right for you and your idea! See you there dreamer!
  • 1 Module

    Learn how to prepare for Fundraising by a VC

    Martina Welkoff, Managing Partner at WXR fund talks in this AMA.
  • 3 Modules

    Network like a pro in 3 steps

    Your network is your networth! As a founder, we always have to look for investors, co-founders, advisors, customers and employees and that is why learning about networking the right way is essential! In this course we will cover:
    1. Finding the right event,
    2. Finding the right people.
    3. Effective follow-up techniques.
    After the course, use the steps to start creating your network! See you there dreamer!


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