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    Building an MVP

    Building MVP is such an essential step for every startup founder if you are looking for
    1. Validation of your product.
    2. Clarity of your idea.
    3. Connection with your customer.
    In this lesson, Anshul will take you briefly on how you can get your MVPs started, and don't miss the reading that he shares. So what are waiting for? Get started now.
  • 2 Modules

    Find the right Startup idea.

    Anshul Walks you through the basics of finding the right startup idea.
  • 0 Modules

    How to perfect the customer journey

    This lesson by Anshul will tell you how to create a user journey that starts from someone seeing your offering to actually using and then finally recommending it. Different steps covered in this lesson are:
    1. Awareness
    2. Consideration
    3. Decision
    4. Retention
    5. Advocacy
    After the lesson, you will be able to craft what each stage could look like for your specific idea. See you in the lesson!
  • 3 Modules

    Perfect your Idea’s online messaging in 7 steps.

    Social media is essential these days to get any traction with your brand or potential customers. So how can entrepreneurs leverage social media effectively to grow their idea, business, and revenue? Remember, a startup's social media is different than a blogger's social media. In this course we will cover:
    1. How to share your idea online?
    2. How to use authentic voice to get the right users?
    3. How to NOT run on the CONTENT TREADMILL and get overwhelmed?
    After the course, use the steps to start building your startup's social media effectively and smartly. See you there dreamer!
  • 3 Modules

    Startup Patents with Attorney Pejman Yedidsion

    What are patents? When in a startup's like do you need to take care of patents? What is patentable in a startup? How much does it cost? How to get started with this process? PJ Answers all of these questions and more.


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