How to fundraise for a B2B Startup? By Sarthak Goel

About the Faculty: Sarthak founded Invoid in 2018. Invoid has helped Equitas, Bharatpe, Rapido, WazirX,, and more onboard millions of customers. He is a Y Combinator W21 alumni and raised funds from silicon valley. He has built a $1M+ ARR business, and his startup Invoid got acquired in 2022. A successful exit after building a remote company and reaching profitability, he is here to share his stories from becoming a B2B first-time founder, bootstrapping it, and then raising funds from the world's most prestigious accelerator, working with unicorns and listed companies, and finally successfully exiting it.   This lesson is for you if:
  • You are building a B2B startup.
  • You are a first-time founder.
  • You are a non-technical founder of a tech company.
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