Raising funds as a solo founder By Carina Glover.

About the Faculty: Carina Glover is the founder of HerHeadquarters, an app giving women-owned businesses and their teams the ability to discover and secure the company’s dream brand partnerships easily. In 2021, the businesses using HerHeadquarters secured partnerships and brought in over $10M in value to their companies. Since launching, HerHeadquarters has become a venture-backed company that’s received recognition from the United States Congress, American Express, Forbes, Cheddar, Harper’s Bazaar, and many more.  With thousands of women-owned businesses across the country using HerHeadquarters, Carina has grown the product into an essential business tool. Carina’s entrepreneurship journey started with embarrassment & devastation in 2013. When planning the launch party of her first business, inexperience and ego led her to turn down every brand partnership opportunity. The night ended with Carina crying on the bathroom floor of the empty venue. No one showed up. She learned several lessons, most importantly the value of partnerships, and never made that mistake again.     She eventually grew that business into a success, later working with the Grammys, NFL Honors Awards, and other prominent clients, events, and experiences. In 2018, she traded it in for HerHeadquarters, with a vision of making powerful brand partnerships available to women-owned businesses nationwide. She hasn’t looked back since.    This lesson is for you if:
  • You are a solo founder.
  • You are fundraising for the first time.
  • You are a non-technical founder.
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