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Three Steps To Find a Clear Startup Idea

About our Faculty: Arjita is a harry potter fan & a serial entrepreneur determined to make education and entrepreneurship a more equitable place. She started her first startup at 16. She has impacted over 50.000 people across 40 countries, sits on the advisory board of The NASDAQ entrepreneurial center. She teaches entrepreneurship at Hult International Business School and San Francisco State University. She received her Alien of Extraordinary ability visa in the US for her work in education and social entrepreneurship.  She built New Founder School, to help founders with their validating their idea and launching their startups. Feel free

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15 Twitter accounts every founder must follow.

If you are an aspiring founder, chances are you heard a motivational story or found a problem to solve. So now you’re thinking wait, how should I get started? Where should I as a founder find inspiration? Where should I get answers to basic questions? Well, our answer is to join New Founder School for FREE here OR Just follow these 15 Twitter accounts: Elizabeth Yin: Elizabeth Yin is the general partner at Hustle Fund. She is a former startup founder who now writes about Democratizing wealth via entrepreneurship. Arlan Hamilton: Arlan is the founder of Backstage Capital and HireRunner.

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Product Growth for Startups

Basic questions: Arjita’s Question: Let’s get started. Let’s start with the basics, when in a founder’s life is product growth important? Anshul’s Answer: So product growth is important when you’re at the launch stage, and you have done some product development, whether that’s an MVP, or some portion of an early product, then really the three stages that you would want to focus on the day you start off from is the idea stage where you’re still researching the idea, it definitely doesn’t make sense to think about product growth at that stage. That early stage, what you’re trying to

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Find the right influencer for your business

The word is already out! Instagram has 1 billion monthly active users. Yes, you heard that right. And, almost half of those are coming to Instagram every day. In growth marketing, the rule of thumb is: “GET THE EYEBALLS TO YOUR PRODUCT”. But I tried something else, I tried to go to a channel where the eyeballs already were A.K.A Instagram.

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Building Customer Profile: Who is your customer?

As a founder, I’m sure you have spent almost 98% of your time either thinking about this question or answering this question in investor meetings. And yet it is one of the most difficult questions to have a response for. In fact, most startups have a great idea and build magical solutions but just don’t know who their user is?

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